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【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。Column for the collection of powerful dissemination effect to each buyer recommended by the national expert selection of art treasures, for collectors matchmaking, let thousands of art treasures value was discovered and take seriously, in the auction to clinch a deal at a high price.



【规格】长192厘米   宽26.5厘米

【类别】 字画

【展示价】18000000.00 CNY


【Name】  Jin Nong, the five oxen

【specifications】192 centimeters long, 26.5 centimeters wide

【Category】Calligraphy and painting

【 Show the price】 18000000.00 CNY

《五牛图》原作韩滉,中国十大传世名画,是少数几件唐代传世纸绢画作品真迹之一,也是现存最古的纸本中国画,堪称"镇国之宝",现存于北京故宫博物院。该作品为金农款加提拔,金农,清代著名画家。扬州八怪之首。他嗜奇好学,工于诗文书法,诗文古奥奇特,并精于鉴别。字寿门、司农、吉金,号冬心,又号稽留山民、曲江外史、昔耶居士等。别号很多,有:金牛、老丁、古泉、竹泉、稽梅主、莲身居士、龙梭仙客、耻春翁、寿道士、金吉金、苏伐罗吉苏伐罗(佛家经典上“苏伐罗”即汉文“金”字,苏伐罗吉苏伐罗就是金吉金)、心廿六郎、仙坛扫花人、金牛湖上会议老、百二砚田富翁等。生于清康熙二十六年(1686),卒于乾隆二十八年(1763),钱塘(今浙江杭州)人。The original Wu Niu Tu, by Han Huang, is one of the few genuine works of paper silk paintings handed down from the Tang Dynasty. It is also the oldest surviving paper based Chinese painting. It is called the treasure of the state of Zhen, and it exists in the The Palace Museum. The work was inspired by Jin Nong and promoted by Jin Nong, a famous painter of the Qing Dynasty. Top of the Yangzhou Monster list. He is interested in learning, work in poetry calligraphy, poetry ancient strange, and good at identification. "Shou men" , "Si Nong" , "Ji Jin" , "Dong Xin" , "Ji Liu Shan Min" , "external history of Qujiang" , "Xi ye" and so on. There are many other names, there are: Taurus, Lao Ding, ancient spring, bamboo spring, Ji Mei master, Lotus resident, Dragon shuttle immortal, shame Spring Weng, longevity Taoist priest, Jin Jijin, Suvaroji Suvaro (Suvaro in Chinese, Suvaroji Suvaro is Jinjijin) , Xinxulang, fairy altar sweeper, meeting elders on the golden cow lake, 120 rich inkstones and so on. Born in twenty-six Kangxi years (1686) , died in twenty-eight years of Gan Long (1763) , Qiantang (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang) people.


The five oxen depicted in the "five oxen map" are moving, standing, standing, bowing, or raising their heads. What is valuable is that there is no background foil on the screen, completely to the cattle as the performance of the object, if it is not carefully observed on the cattle, the cattle of the modelling described with full confidence, it is absolutely dare not engage in this painting risk. Although the outline of the lines of the cattle is simple, but the twists and turns drawn in place, the fine hair of the cattle's mouth and nose, eyes jiongjiong reflects the cattle docile and stubborn character. In the age of encouraging farming, painting cows in pictures had a lot of meaning.


Drawing five bulls, different images, different posture, or line or stand, or bow, or head, dynamic full. One of the Bulls is completely painted in the front, a unique perspective, showing the superb modeling ability of the author. The author outlines the skeleton turning of the cattle with simple lines, the muscles and muscles are wrapped, the brushwork is old and smooth, the lines are full of strength and precise artistic expression. The head of a cow and the root of the nose and mouth hair, is the pen micro. Each cow is bright-eyed, the author through the focus on the eyes of the description of the cow is both docile and stubborn character very vivid. The work takes the cow as the performance object completely, has no background foil, the modelling is accurate and vivid, the coloring is light and simple, the thick and thin romances have the difference, the screen level is rich, has achieved the form and spirit to have both the realm.


 This painting from the Emperor Ganlong when the dynasty "Sanxitang" out, after wandering among the people. Gan Long Emperor Qian Yan Gan Long Yu Lan treasure, Gan Long Yu Lan, three Xitang style, three giant can be seen its rare degree. Jin Nong wrote this axis, with the stroke of war, such as the willow leaves flying, have the attitude of laughing in the wind, the sky into the clouds. If compared with its similar and wrong, it is wrong. Gai Literati Freehand, do not seek the shape, the so-called "like reeds like hemp, " but write the ease in the chest. However, the bamboo of cool Gu ao has been the tip of the millipede, the brush and ink of the clean out of the dust, like Qinrenxin. This painting is relatively good, exquisite painting, handed down extremely rare, has not seen its trace for many years, very precious, has high historical value and academic value, is a collector difficult to find good works, the current collection value and appreciation of space is very high!


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