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【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。Column for the collection of powerful dissemination effect to each buyer recommended by the national expert selection of art treasures, for collectors matchmaking, let thousands of art treasures value was discovered and take seriously, in the auction to clinch a deal at a high price.



【规格】直径:10.5cm 底:5.2cm 高:4cm

【类别】 杂项

【Name】 A pair of white jade bowls in Qianlong of Qing Dynasty

【specifications】Diameter: 10.5cm bottom: 5.2cm height: 4cm

【Category】 Miscellaneous


The Chinese nation has a long history of using and making jade. The scale, output and types of jade carving in Qing Dynasty are unprecedented in the history of ancient Chinese jade carving. The level of its craft set off the last climax of jade making in ancient China. The most representative of its artistic achievements is "Qianlong jade". In China, white marble was discovered more than 2000 years ago. It has been more than 2000 years since it was used for carving.


Hanbai jade is a kind of precious building material. It is white and flawless. It contains glittering crystals. It is crystal clear, solid and delicate, and easy to carve. It has been the raw material of precious buildings since ancient times and has become the first choice for carving stones in the imperial palace courtyard for thousands of years. Hanbai jade is milky white in color, elegant and pure, but rich in noble spirit. It touches the nerves of the world with its unique charm and is popular among people.


There are different opinions on the origin of the name of Hanbai jade. It is said that since ancient China, the stone steps and guardrails of palace were made of such stones, which were recited and sung by all generations of people. The so-called "jade carved column" is gorgeous as jade, so it is called Hanbai jade; There is also a saying that since the Han Dynasty, this kind of jade like stone has been used to build palaces, decorate temples, carve Buddha statues and decorate halls.

据历史记载,当时乾隆出游,历经一座小城。入一家餐馆用餐。当时坐的位置靠窗,听见对面叮 叮的敲响声。其撤头看到一位老人在雕琢一件石狮子。手法相当熟悉,时日不长,一件栩栩如生的狮子变产生了。此狮子全身雪白,面部炯炯有神。当时乾隆爷就大加赞赏,派手下叫来了老石匠,以及他那件刚刚完成的石狮子。乾隆皇帝,用手触摸了一下,手感细滑,质地像玉。其因为接触得并不多,便问“你用的什么材质雕刻的?”老石匠答道,这石头是一个朋友从新疆带过来的,具体这一块是什么材质我也说不出来。材质像玉,但是硬度比玉要软。雕琢起来比玉更好上手。乾隆皇帝当时兴起,跟老石匠说道,“此类材质你这边还有么?” 老石匠说还有一些,乾隆皇帝说那你给我雕刻一件。老石匠说我剩下的材质不多只能雕一件小件,您打算雕什么造型?前面说道乾隆皇帝喜欢瓷器 于是讲到,那么就做成盘的造型吧。 老石匠领命后开始雕琢。不到半日一件碗的造型就雕刻好了。问乾隆爷要不要雕什么字体在上面。乾隆皇帝讲到,底部就刻乾隆年制吧。此时,老石匠才知道,原来面前这位是当朝皇帝。老石匠想做的更美观 一点,就以篆体的形式刻出了“乾隆年制”。

According to historical records, Qianlong traveled through a small city at that time. Eat in a restaurant. Sitting by the window, I heard the sound of jingling. When he withdrew his head, he saw an old man carving a stone lion. The technique is quite familiar, time is not long, a lifelike lion changed. The lion's whole body is white and his face is bright. At that time, Emperor Qianlong praised him and sent his men to call the old stonecutter and his newly completed stone lion. Emperor Qianlong touched it with his hand. It feels fine and smooth, and its texture is like jade. Because he didn't touch much, he asked, "what material do you use for carving?" The old stonecutter replied that this stone was brought by a friend from Xinjiang. I can't tell what material it is. The material is like jade, but the hardness is softer than jade. It's better to carve than jade. Emperor Qianlong rose at that time, and said to the old stonecutter, "do you have this kind of material on your side?" The old stonecutter said that there were still some. Emperor Qianlong said that you could carve one for me. The old stonecutter said that I don't have many materials left. I can only carve a small piece. What shape do you want to carve? It was said that Emperor Qianlong liked porcelain, so he said, let's make it into a plate. The old stonecutter took orders and began to carve. In less than half a day, the shape of a bowl was carved. Ask Emperor Qianlong if he wants to carve some characters on it. Emperor Qianlong said that the year system of Qianlong should be engraved on the bottom. At this time, the old Mason knew that this was the emperor in front of him. The old Mason wanted to make it more beautiful, so he carved "Qianlong year system" in the form of seal script.


The collection on display today is a pair of typical Qing Dynasty White Jade bowls with elegant temperament and wealth; Its shape is solemn and elegant; It is made of fine white marble with fine texture and delicate carving. From the shape and decoration of the bowl, the style is simple and elegant, rigid and vivid. It is a rare jade work of art. The texture of the bowl is very beautiful. The technique of bas relief is clear-cut, and the lines seem simple, but the main and secondary parts are clear, smooth and vivid; The appropriate depth of the knife depicts the veins of the twigs and flowers vividly, showing the natural, passionate and lively artistic effect. Its artistic essence and design concept highlight the essence of ancient wisdom. It is of great value in history, arts and crafts, art and collection. The regular shape of the jade is dignified and elegant, which fully reflects the aesthetic taste of the Qianlong period. It is a masterpiece of the white jade bowl of the Han Dynasty at that time. Its texture is extremely elegant and atmospheric. It is a symbol of the royal family.


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